Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Fans, Fans Galore Contest

Fans, Fans Galore Giveaway!

I've had some very generous and fabulous boutiques offer some of their merchandise for our giveaway. Big thanks to all of them! Annnd now….

The Way it Works:

1) I'll upload pics of each item donated with link to the boutique at the bottom of picture. You must become a fan of EVERY boutique that entered and leave them some love on their page.

2) Then you must leave a comment on the picture of item you'd like to win. Once contest is over, I'll go to and they pick a number. That number will be the comment number that wins.

3) Ways to get more chances to win: Have your friends, momma, grandma, sisters, whoever "like" the pages, leave some love, and then leave a comment on the pictures for you!. That way if there are 30 comment for a bow, and 20 are for you, you have a better chance of winning! Those friends and family MUST LIKE all pages too, and let me know on the commenting process that it's for you. Example. "Love this bow - for Mary." .

4) Now you are more than welcome to comment on all items, but you can only WIN TWO. If out of sheer luck you win more than two, I'll give you the chance to choose which two you'd prefer. Got to give everyone else a chance for some great items!

5) Boutiques will be checking that the winner is a fan of their page, so don't wait until you win to instantly become a fan. Not cool, not cool at all. So you might want to double check yourself :)

5) Please don't delete pages when contest is done, it's just not nice. I know it hurts my feelings :)

If you have any questions, just let me know or e-mail be at

Have fun!